A three minute health weight check-up

5 Reminders to keep trim

  • Move. An exercise plan is great, but don’t forget the importance of incidental exercise. Walk rather than tram/drive, climb those stairs to work, spend the last half of your lunch hour walking.
  • Reward yourself and relax at night with non-food rituals like music, favourite activity, baths, and candles. Something to make you feel loved.
  • Stand up strong and avoid the junk food. Minimise packaged snacks like cakes, crackers and chocolate.
  • Have healthy food handy for snacks such as nuts, cheese, fruit, yogurt, hummus dips, and tasty tea.
  • Replace bread and rice with loads of vegies in your meals. Try new add new ones like grilled capsicum, lemon juice on chopped tomato and parsley, roasted beetroots and fetta.
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Is it allergy or food intolerance

Symptoms of both food allergy and intolerance are similar, and it can appear that the easiest approach at managing symptoms is to restrict the offending food.


However is this sustainable in the long term? Even if it was, sometimes it is unclear which foods cause the problems, and some foods are okay sometimes, and not at other times.


The outcome is that many patients have vague and persistent symptoms and feel they need to restrict their diet further and further, which often creates personal, social and nutritional problems, not to mention persistent symptoms!

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