6 Health aspects we treat & focus on

An experienced practitioner to address all aspects of your health

Women’s health and fertility

Clinically Jacqui is particularly interested in supporting reproductive health, fertility and pregnancy health and helping women become in control of their bodies and reproductive health.

Natural medicine techniques can make a profound impact on the way women experience the health of all stages of their reproductive lives. Menopause, PCOS, endometriosis, painful periods, PMS, erratic cycles


Mental health and fatigue

A special interest is in treating mental health, stress and fatigue

Anxiety, nervous tension, lethargy, depression, insomnia, headaches


Digestive health

Naturopathy is well suited to treating digestive disorders, whether there is a diagnosed disorder or a collection of uncomfortable symptoms.

Diahorrea, constipation, digestive pain, inflammatory bowel conditions, food sensitivities


Control of allergies and immune challenges

Auto-immunity, thyroid disorders, skin disorders and allergies


Weight loss

Come along and put a naturopathic eating plan into action to promote rapid, long lasting weight loss with satisfying, energy-giving and delicious food.


Cardiovascular health

High blood pressure and high cholesterol can be effectively treated with a naturopathic management plan.




You can expect effective results from Naturopathic consultations, such as:


  • Freedom from fatigue
  • Effective stress management techniques
  • Improved fertility and understanding of your menstrual cycle
  • Weight management and fat loss
  • Healthy, symptom free hormonal patterns
  • Clear skin and sinuses
  • Freedom from bloating, food cravings, digestive pain and disturbances.
  • Control of allergies and immune challenges
  • Sound cardiovascular health

What you can expect is a thorough health investigation, specialised education strategies and proven, effective natural medicines.


The aim is to treat the symptoms of your problem thoroughly and effectively, whilst assessing and managing the aspects of your general health that may be contributing to the problem.


A specific treatment plan can increase your energy and vitality, so that you not only achieve symptom relief, but feel great and have the tools to maintain good health.


Jacqui prescribes effective, therapeutically potent herbal and nutritional medicines and offers proven, evidence based advice on your daily activities and the food that you eat, while remaining sensitive to your lifestyle.