17 Years Clinical Experience

Naturopath, Herbalist & Fertility Educator

  • BHSc.Nat (SSNT, NHAA) and Certificate in Natural Fertility Education
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  • Co-presents professional course in Advanced Practice in Fertility and Wellness Education
  • 10 year lecturer (reproductive expert) Southern School of Natural Therapies
  • Former president of the Victorian Herbalists Association


Jacqui is an experienced naturopath with over 17 year’s clinical experience, as well a significant contributor to the natural health industry.


Clinically, she is particularly interested in supporting reproductive health, fertility, and pregnancy health, and helping women become in control of their bodies and reproductive health.


Through working with women at all stages of their body’s changes, such as teenagers entering puberty, women in fertile years and those experiencing menopause, Jacqui finds the link between a women’s cycles and their health.


She is instinctive and adept at finding a balance within the body which can positively impact a range of health conditions as well as fertility and cycles, including gut, acne, mood, energy levels and many more.


To this end, Jacqui has particular interest in mental health and fatigue, as well as extensive clinical experience in conditions such as auto-immunity, thyroid disorders, cardiovascular health and skin disorders, and actively collaborates with medical and other health care providers for best patient care.


In addition to practicing at the highest level of naturopathy, Jacqui has a long and prestigious history of teaching others in the industry about natural medicine. This includes 10 years as a lecturer in herbal medicine and student clinic supervisor at the Southern School of Natural Therapies, specialising in reproductive health and fertility, as well as co-presenting a bi-annual course for health industry professionals entitled: Advanced Practice in Fertility and Wellness Education.


She has also served as a president of the Victorian chapter of the National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA), the industry’s highest governing body.


Jacqui is a renowned speaker and has been engaged for presentations and training on self-care and general health as well as reproductive topics by organisations including the Royal Women’s Hospital, Just Jeans, Myer, Health by Design, and Telstra. She was appointed in-house health trainer for the Department of Sustainability, for what became a seven year partnership.


As a health practitioner, Jacqui provides a combination of experience, high standards of education, active involvement in the naturopathic industry and direct collaboration with health care providers, ensuring that patients receive the best care and outcomes.



Amy - 22 yrs


"Having to live with endometriosis for years and dealing with the monthly pain, I am so grateful for the care I have received from Jacqui. Not only has she provided me pain relief, she has massively improved my quality of life. Thank you Jacqui"



I came to see Jacqui for support for both physical and emotional difficulties and was relieved to find a practitioner who approached me with care and warmth. Throughout our process I found Jacqui to be welcoming, extremely skillful, relaxing and good fun. My physical symptoms steadily resolved and was in excellent hands in exploring very difficult emotional terrain. I don't need to hesitate for a moment in recommending Jacqui.