Building better brain health – Free library talks in Moruya & Narooma

Better Brain Health NAROOMA POSTERBetter Brain Health MORUYA POSTER

Join your local natural health experts in an informative presentation on how to support clear, calm and alert thinking for all ages using natural health techniques.


The presentation will cover how to:


  • Improve mental health, boost your brain power and cognitive ability using nutrition and natural medicine


  • Avoid neurodegeneration (Dementia, Alzheimers, Parkinsons,), and natural ways to reduce stroke and boost stroke recovery


  • Calm the ADHD brain and improve your child’s mental wellbeing


There will be plenty of time for questions, so please come along and take advantage of this free event!

Too stressed for self care?

To Stressed for Self care (3)

After 17 years of a special interest in mental health, I have found people commonly say they know what to do to support their mental health, however they are either just too overwhelmed for self-care or the techniques make too little difference in the face of how they feel.

Book a consultation with Jacqui for effective natural solutions for stress, anxiety, sadness and depression, fatigue or general health symptoms that are stopping you from effectively applying self-care measures. Call Moruya Natural Therapies on (02) 44742544





Heart health & cholesterol reducing recipes!


How do we get enough fibre to help eliminate the ‘bad’ cholesterol? Here are 3 incredibly tasty recipes specifically designed to reduce cholesterol levels when eaten frequently and ideally in conjunction with the mediteranian diet the plentiful vegies, frequent fish, plus nuts and seeds to encourage ‘good’ cholesterol levels.

A prescriptive food plan, plus herbal and nutritional medicine can be effective in controling cholesterol and supporting heart health. Book an appointment for comprehensive support of heart health (02) 4474 2544.

oat bran muffin

Oat Bran* Muffins


2 ½ cups of oat bran (ground)

2 egg whites

2 TBSP Olive oil

2 TBSP brown sugar

1 TBSP honey

½ tsp vanilla essence

Any chopped fruit

1 cup skim milk/fruit juice to moisten


Mix all ingredients together, place in big muffin trays. Put in oven at 180 degrees for 17 minutes

*Oats bran is the best bran to bind cholesterol in the digestive tract to help eliminate cholesterol

stewed apple and yogurt

Stewed apple with yogurt and muesli – simple breakfast solutions for cholesterol management


Stewing apples release pectin, which, when combined with natural yogurt, it is ideal for gut health and microflora. A muesli made of 1/2 oats and 1/2 nuts and seeds supports a high fibre diet specific to reducing cholesterol, with the anti-inflammatory support of the oil in seeds.

green salad picture

Bitter salad greens

Tasty leaves like rocket laced in olive oil and balsamic or apple cider vinegar can turn a standard dinner into a fresh feast! The bitterness of the leaves stimulate the vagal nerve in the mouth to turn on the juices of digestion for optimal food breakdown and excretion. Part of this response is to stimulates liver enzymes which are needed for cholesterol managment.

Many people may need therapeutic levels of liver support from herbs such as St Mary’s thistle and Globe artichoke to manage cholesterol levels alongside a health food and physical activity plan.


Womens Wellness Weekend

What is your tipping point? At what point do the challenges to your health become significant enough for you to decide to care for yourself, make a positive change for health, and prioritise yourself?

This weekend is a gift of spring, an opportunity to nourish ourselves and infuse joy into a moment in time. Gather with Women in a calm, joyous and peaceful place to share skills about being the best women we can be, and return home filled with support, and a personal plan to be well and stay well.

Myself and seven women who are both local and from all over Australia will be sharing our expertise in health in our specific fields. Our aim is to give you the motivation and tools to make positive change that is personalised and relevant for you right now. It will be informative, fun and relaxed in a place of rare natural beauty – the perfect weekend away with women.

I will discuss the evidence based therapies for stress management and optimising energy levels: this includes food, lifestyle and interventions such as natural therapies, followed by a workshop to create a personal, manageable plan that you can take home and implement.

Once vitality is improved, we will look at how this can improve fertility and reproductive health. Importantly covering specific techniques to improve symptoms of common reproductive problems. The focus is on potent and effective lifestyle interventions that are relevant to you.

I hope to see you there.

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Iridology – Discover what your eye tells you about your health

The detailed study of your iris can provide an insight into your individual constitutional tendencies towards health and disease.

The iris is seen as an image or mirror of the whole body. The colours, fibre texture and pattern and specific markings of the iris correspond to organs and structures of the body.

This study provides us with information that determines the persons inherited and acquired constitution, as well as the level of functioning of their tissues, cells, metabolic systems and organs.

Iridology does not diagnose specific illnesses, but rather gives us an understanding of the individual’s tendencies toward health and illness.

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